The Best – and Worst – Movie Trailers of the Week

Peanuts_MovieThis was a very good week for movie trailers. So good, in fact, that this iteration of the column requires a lengthier intro. Even though three trailers earned the top spots, there are four others that deserve to be seen, too.

Noteworthy Newcomers

Maleficent blows its narrative wide open with its latest promo, hinting that the title character could have an antihero quality. We’ve also got a brand new international piece for Godzilla, and even though much of the material comes from previous promos, this one does have elements that will enhance your perspective, adding to the thrill. The Boxtrolls got a new trailer as well, and even though the promotional campaign is still steering clear of story details, this one does delve a little deeper by revealing the Boxtroll lore. Last up for the noteworthy newcomers that couldn’t quite crack The Best Stuff is our first look at the Peanuts movie. The first part of this piece was screened at CinemaCon last year, but now, 20th Century Fox has added an interaction between Charlie Brown and Snoopy that’s both highly nostalgic and will absolutely warm your heart.

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