Why ‘The Giver’ Needs to Give Fans More Confidence

The_GiverA little over a week ago, the very first trailer for Phillip Noyce’s adaptation of The Giver arrived. We’re talking about a Newbery Medal-winning book beloved by many and included in countless school curriculums across the country, and for good reason, too; Lois Lowry’s book is engaging, entertaining and boasts numerous themes and ideas well worth exploring.

The book focuses on an 11-year-old boy named Jonas. He lives in a community of “Sameness,” a place devoid of individuality. In an effort to maintain order, every citizen follows a strict set of rules, one of which is that, at the age of 12, every child is assigned the job that he or she will hold for the rest of his or her life. Whereas most kids wind up working in law, the fish hatchery or perhaps studying to become a doctor, Jonas gets the most unlikely duty of all. He is to be the Receiver of Memory, which requires he train with the Giver, the only person in the community who has access to memories and, in turn, the truth.

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