Indie Horror Journal: Bringing the Child Eater to Life Part 3

Colin_Child_EaterIt’s hard to believe it, but we just finished up week two of principal photography on Child Eater. I’d be lying if I said everything went swimmingly, but there was loads of successful troubleshooting and problem solving and, in the end, we managed to walk away with exactly what we needed.

Lesson 1: The RV that Changed Everything

For the majority of this week, we shot in a two-story house that also has a two-story barn on the property. Initially, we thought there’d be more than enough space for our grip truck, art department storage, catering, craft service, holding, hair, makeup, wardrobe and, of course, our set, and there was, but we didn’t factor in the production office appropriately. For the first day of shooting in the house, myself, Luke (producer), Alvaro (UPM) and Katie Valovcin (2nd AD) crammed into a bedroom to set up shop. We managed, but weren’t as efficient as we could have been had we had a quieter space, all on our own. We had to sit with laptops on our laps, couldn’t print anything while rolling and constantly had people walking in and out of the room grabbing equipment and other items left there for storage. We made it work, but it was far from ideal. However, an RV changed it all.

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