Indie Horror Journal: Bringing the Child Eater to Life Part 4

Colin_Child_Eater_2After nearly a month in Catskill, New York, we’ve completed three weeks of principal photography on Child Eater and have just a single day of shooting left to go. But before we make our way down to New Jersey to shoot the hospital portion of the script, it’s well worth revisiting certain experiences from the past week because it was certainly the most challenging of the shoot.

Lesson 1: Weather Sucks

One of my favorite parts about being a producer is problem solving. Something goes wrong and you fix it; it’s that simple. However, no matter how hard you work, for the most part, there’s just nothing you can do about weather. When we put together our shooting schedule back in March, we had a number of things we needed to schedule around. At that point, the priorities were an actress that we had to fly in from Los Angeles for a short period of time and also accommodating the day-set and night-set material in a way that our call times would get later and later each day so that our cast and crew had a proper turnaround. A few days in, something else took precedence – our child actor. He had to be wrapped by 10pm on school nights and midnight on weekends, and as unforeseen factors forced us to make changes to the schedule, we absolutely ran the risk of jeopardizing that requirement.

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