Review: Penny Dreadful, Season 1, Episode 1

Penny_Dreadful_Episode_1While waiting for the next round of American Horror Story, many hoped that Penny Dreadful would fill that void by flooding the small screen with terror and gore. And while the series premiere of the John Logan-created, Sam Mendes-produced series does do that to a degree, it’s not in the manner one might expect.

And that’ll likely be the case no matter what draws you to this new series. Whether you’re in it for the horror, the supernatural Victorian spin or perhaps just Eva Green, you’ll get what you want, but perhaps while embracing other qualities you didn’t realize you needed.

There’s an abundance of highly successful components to go around, but for those eager to see Green, you’re the biggest winners because she absolutely steals ‘Night Work.’ Vanessa Ives isn’t “normal” in the least – her ability to conjure spiders in her introductory scene proves it – but even with her out-of-this-world abilities, somewhat detached temperament and mysterious quality, Green still manages to emit just the slightest degree of heart and warmth to make her a strong anchor for the show. However, it seems likely that that duty was intended for Josh Hartnett’s Ethan Chandler.

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