Review: The Strain, Season 1, Episode 3


The Strain started strong with “Night Zero,” slowed a bit during “The Box,” but began building characters and storylines in the process, and now “Gone Smoother” continues that progression. It still doesn’t have the momentum of the first episode, but the pace is picking up and we’re getting some solid plot and character development along with it.

First off, hooray for Mia Maestro finally getting something to do! “Gone Smoother” merely introduces a connection between Nora and Abraham Setrakian, but at least it finally pulls her out of Ephraim’s shadow and proves she’s got some ideas of her own as well as the gall to act on them. It could be great to see her, of all people, step up and take Abraham’s advice – “Being good means nothing, unless you’re willing to do what needs to be done.” Eph’s been leading the charge thus far, but if she takes the reins on this one, it could be one heck of a turnaround for the character.

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