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June 18, 2010

Interview: I Am Loves’s Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is as commanding in person as she is on screen. Her poise instantly attracts all attention and her passion for her work is overwhelmingly present in her answer to even the simplest question. However, there’s nothing simple about I Am Love. Not only has the project been in the works for over a decade, but [...]

June 18, 2010

Interview: I Am Love Director Luca Guadagnino

We see big budget films put on the fast track and make swift entrances into the theater all the time, but that was certainly not the case with director Luca Guadagnino’s I Am Love. The piece took over a decade to complete and the effects of the prolonged thought and development is profound. Even in [...]

June 9, 2010

Interview: Adopted’s Pauly Shore

I can’t lie; I was a little nervous going into my interview with Pauly Shore. Encino Man called my VHS player home for quite a chunk of my childhood, but after, his career tanked and the guy’s been involved in some questionable activities. I’m glad to report that, despite my preconceived notions, Shore is just [...]

June 1, 2010

Interview: Cropsey Directors Josh Zeman And Barbara Brancaccio

Freddy, Michael and Jason haunt the big screen and may even sneak into a nightmare now and then, but how would you feel if one of these iconic slashers was the real deal? Both Josh Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio got a taste of just that growing up on Staten Island where the legend of a [...]

June 1, 2010

Interview: Splice Writer-Director Vincenzo Natali

In Splice Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley are Clive and Elsa, a talented team of genetic engineers who specialize in splicing the DNA of different animals to create hybrids. This is great and all, but the duo wants more, namely, to throw some human DNA into the mix. When the company funding their experiments gives them [...]

May 26, 2010

Interview: Survival Of The Dead Writer-Director George A. Romero

Way back in 1968, George A. Romero got behind the lens to bring Night of the Living Dead to life. Little did he know, the living dead were about to venture way beyond the night. They’d go on to terrorize surviving humans in the Dawn (twice), the Day (three times), across the Land, via Diary and now in Romero’s [...]

May 13, 2010

Interview: Best Worst Movie Director Michael Stephenson

What do you do when you’re the star of the worst movie ever made? Make a documentary about it of course! Okay, it’s not that simple. Troll 2 may be branded as pure garbage by IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, but there are heaps of fans all over the world that relish in watching vegetarian goblins attempt to turn a [...]

May 6, 2010

Interview: Wild And Wonderful White Of West Virginia Director Julien Nitzberg

First thing I learned about Julien Nitzberg? He is a very patient guy. When a loud espresso machine foiled our plan to record this interview at the Barnes & Noble Cafe and a disgruntled employee had a serious problem with me stealing her book cart to use as a camera stand, it was off to [...]

May 6, 2010

Interview: Multiple Sarcasms’ Dana Delany

On TV, Dana Delany is well known for portraying a desperate housewife. In her new film, Multiple Sarcasms, she’s still playing a housewife, but her character, Annie, is far from desperate. In fact, she’s quite the opposite; sensible and strong. Those traits come in handy because thanks to her husband’s midlife crisis, her marriage is unraveling. [...]

May 4, 2010

Interview: Multiple Sarcasms’ Mira Sorvino

Having grown up idolizing Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, it was difficult to look at Mira Sorvino and not think of her as the woman who proposed a miracle diet of candy corn, jelly beans and gummy bears and had a major thing for Billy Christianson. Luckily I was able to pull it together and [...]