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Interview: Epic’s Chris O’Dowd & Aziz Ansari

Chris-ODowd-Aziz-Ansari-EpicFor the record, Chris O’Dowd and Aziz Ansari, I was totally onto you.  Appropriately, the comedy duo serves as Epic’s comedic relief, Grub (O’Dowd) the snail and Mub (Ansari) the slug. When Grub isn’t dreaming of joining the ranks of the Leaf Men and Mub isn’t hitting on Mary Katherine (voice byAmanda Seyfried), the pair is in charge of keeping a very special little pod moist. It sounds like a silly job, but if that pod doesn’t bloom in the moonlight, the entire forest could wilt at the hands of the leader of the Boggans, Mandrake (voiced by Christoph Waltz).

When Ansari wasn’t rising to the challenge and seeing how many times he could squeeze Ice Age 4: Continental Drift into a single interview, we discussed how they fleshed out their characters while the animators put the world of Epic together, to Ansari’s amusement, how working on Epic compared to Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, a Michele Bachmann namedrop, and whether or not they got the opportunity to improvise. Moving on to their upcoming films, O’Dowd was cryptic or perhaps honestly uninformed about his Thor: The Dark World cameo and Ansari touched on the difficultly of getting his own scripts into production.

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Review: 30 Minutes or Less

Why do pizza places offer the “30 minutes or free” deal? I’d like to bet most aren’t doing it to be nice. If your product is so-so, you’ve got to offer other incentives to beat out the competition. Well, 30 Minutes or Less falls into that realm. At a light 83 minutes, it doesn’t ask too much of you, making you far more accepting of the final product. No, not a compliment, but, admit it; you totally opt for the quick, easy and cheap pizza most of the time, right?

Nick and Chet (Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari) are best buddies and roommates. They’ve got their differences – Chet’s got a more promising career, Nick’s got a thing for Chet’s sister, Chet told a secret that ruined Nick’s parents’ marriage – but none of that matters today because today is the day that Nick gets a bomb strapped to his chest and they’re forced to put their differences aside so he doesn’t end up a big, fiery pile of mush.

The guys responsible for Nick’s situation are Dwayne and Travis (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson). Dwayne’s got a problem with his pop, a millionaire courtesy of the lottery, who gives Dwayne a tough time about his lack of brains and ambition. One day, his dad goes too far and Dwayne hatches a plan to hire a hitman, kill his father and then inherit the money for himself. Problem is, he needs money to pay a hitman. That’s where Nick comes in. Dwayne and Travis pose as dudes hungry for a pizza and when Nick comes to deliver the goods, they ambush him, strap the firepower to him and demand he robs a bank for them or they’ll blow him up.

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