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Interview: Bad Grandpa’s Johnny Knoxville & Jackson Nicoll

Bad-GrandpaWhen you pose the challenge of poking yourself in the eye without tearing up to the star of a new Jackass movie, he’s bound to take you up on it.  Bad Grandpa features Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll as Irving and Billy. When Billy’s mother is hit with some serious jail time, it’s up to Irving to drive cross-country so he can dump the kid with his father and not get stuck with him himself. Even though Irving is disappointed that his newfound single status is tarnished by this little “cock block,” he soon comes to realize that they make quite the destructive, insulting, outrageous and lovable pair.

When Nicoll and I weren’t busy jabbing our fingers in our eyes during our interview at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nicoll and Knoxville enlightened Collider on the risk involved in staging stunts, behind-the-scenes pranks that couldn’t make the final cut, Nicoll’s passion for fishing, speedos and sandwiches, and more.

Click here to watch the interview.

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Review: Bad Grandpa

Bad_Grandpa_PosterBad Grandpa is everything you’d want from a Jackass movie and more. Not only is it brimming with outrageous stunts, but it also boasts two crass, disgusting, insensitive and lovable lead characters that bring a new dimension of hilarity to the material.  Hit the jump for my review.

Johnny Knoxville is Irving Zisman, an older man with a young heart, juvenile sense of humor and insatiable sex drive. When his wife passes away, Irving is eager to put his new single status to use, but his grand plan to hunt down prime poontang hits a snag when he’s put in charge of his grandson, Billy (Jackson Nicoll). Billy’s mother is off to prison and now it’s up to Irving to road trip it across the country and deliver Billy to his father.

But what does any of that matter? You’re not heading off to see Bad Grandpa to indulge in some cutesy grandfather, grandson bonding time; you want shocking Jackass-style stunts, and in that respect, Bad Grandpa delivers.

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