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‘Catching Fire’: Your Guide to the Victors

catching_fire_character_guide_mainThe 75th Hunger Games is upon us and in honor of the third Quarter Quell, things are going down a little differently. Rather than reaping two contenders between the ages of 12 and 18 from each of the country’s 12 districts, tributes come from the pool of victors. You already know Katniss and Peeta, so meet the experienced killers who will try to steal their title when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire arrives on November 22.

District 1: Cashmere & Gloss

If you’ve seen The Hunger Games, you know what coming from District 1 means – career tributes. Katniss dubs Cashmere and Gloss “classically beautiful” siblings. When she was younger, she watched the pair dominate their games for two consecutive years, which would put the duo in their 20s. The entertainment value of their win streak made Cashmere and Gloss Capitol favorites and now that they’re back, they’re the ones to beat and they know it.

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Review: Source Code

Source Code is big for Duncan Jones. Having stepped into the spotlight in the best way possible via his critically acclaimed first feature, Moon, Jones was bound for big budget Hollywood. Sure enough, the opportunity arose and Source Code is his second feature. Now the question is, can Jones do it again but with a new leading man and a whole lot more money? It’s a noble effort, but in the end, Source Code makes it quite clear; lots of money and a heartthrob lead don’t guarantee you a better product.

Jake Gyllenhaal is Colter Stevens, an army captain who wakes up on a train in the body of another man only to have that train explode and then come to, yet again, in a mysterious capsule all alone. Colter’s only source of communication is a small monitor through which he talks to Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga), the army personnel subordinate to Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright), the creator of the Source Code.

A bomb really did explode on a CCR train-heading straight for Chicago, but Colter wasn’t on it, that other man was, and Source Code enables Colter to inhabit that man’s body and relive the final eight minutes before the explosion in an effort to find the bomb’s detonator. When the eight minute cycle is up, that bomb explodes and Colter is whisked away back into the pod where Goodwin initiates the procedure again. Colter is assigned to do this over and over until he discovers the person responsible for the attack.

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