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Review: Oldboy

Oldboy_PosterDespite striking visuals and Josh Brolin’s all-in performance, the new “Oldboy” fails to build a riveting, believable mystery strong enough to support its big twist.

In the Spike Lee film, Brolin stars as Joe Doucett, a deplorable advertising executive who has all the time in the world to drown himself in alcohol, but none to spend with his daughter. During one particularly drunken night, Joe is snatched off the street and wakes up trapped in a small room. After 20 years of solitary confinement and dumplings, Joe is suddenly released and challenged to figure out who ordered his lengthy prison sentence and why.

If you’ve seen the Chan-wook Park original, it’s impossible to experience this new version objectively, but Lee’s rendition does deserve a standalone assessment first.

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NYCC 2013: Mark Protosevich Defends the Oldboy Remake at New York Comic Con

oldboynycc1As a remake of the beloved Chan-wook Park 2003 original, Spike Lee’s Oldboy has a lot to live up to.

Similar to the first film, in Lee’s version, Josh Brolin stars as Joe Doucett, a man who’s kidnapped, locked away for years and then unexpectedly let go for no apparent reason. Desperate to find out why he was stripped of such a significant portion of his life, he becomes fixated on finding his captor.

With the film inching closer to its November 27th release, writer and co-producer Mark Protosevich, and stars Michael Imperioli and Pom Klementieff hit the stage to discuss the film, but the large majority of the conversation boiled down to a single topic – how and why do you remake such an incredible film?

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