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Interview: RIPD Press Conference with Ryan Reynolds & Jeff Bridges

ripd-jeff-bridges-ryan-reynolds-600x400Sometimes you die and go to heaven, but sometimes you die and try to hang out on Earth.  That’s why there’s the Rest in Peace Department.  Based on Peter M. Lenkov’s graphic novel, R.I.P.D. stars Ryan Reynolds as Nick Walker, a top Boston detective who eats a bunch of bullets while on the job.  But, after passing on, rather than meeting his maker, he comes face to face with Proctor (Mary-Louise Parker) in the Rest in Peace Department. Nick is paired up with R.I.P.D. veteran and resident wise-cracker, Roy (Jeff Bridges), and the duo is tasked with tracking down the dead who refuse to leave Earth, known as Deados, and ensuring the afterlife and actual life remain separate.

Ahead of the film’s Friday, July 19th wide release, Reynolds and Bridges sat down for a press conference to discuss the details of joining the R.I.P.D..  Hit the jump to check out what the duo had to say about Reynolds’ mischievous childhood, the physical challenges of making the film, the lessons Bridges learned from his father, Lloyd Bridges, and loads more.

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The Best – and Worst – Movie Trailers of the Week

RIPDCinemaCon 2013 just dished out loads of never-before-seen footage for many of the hottest upcoming releases and some of it has already made its way to the Web. Man of Steel nearly came out on top, showing off yet another beautifully moody representation of our new Superman, while The Lone Ranger hit middle ground, presenting more train footage, horses and Johnny Depp, but still falling short of justifying its epic budget. However, one CinemaCon debut did manage to crack the top three while another joined the dregs of the Worst Stuff.

The Best Stuff

1. R.I.P.D.As someone who knows nothing about Peter M. Lenkov’s comic book and, in turn, has had zero interest in the big-screen adaptation, the very first R.I.P.D. trailer is a wildly engaging nice surprise. It’s a lengthy one, clocking in at just under three minutes, but the piece goes on to earn every second, successfully conveying the details of the colorful scenario by walking through the basics with two very likeable and charming leads.

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