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The Best — and Worst — Movie Trailers of the Week

Out_of_the_Furnace_PosterSharknado. It’s sharks in a tornado. The Syfy channel’s latest is loaded with melodrama, abysmal CGI and the silliest scenario imaginable, but the filmmakers know it and embrace it — so whether you’re willing to admit it or not, the “Too Violent for TV” trailer is a winner. I hope this week’s Worst Stuff entries appreciate being beaten by Ian Ziering battling a flying shark with a chainsaw.

The Best Stuff

1. Out of the Furnace

After Crazy Heart, it’s no surprise that the trailer for Scott Cooper’s follow-up is powered by an infectious song selection and perfectly timed music cues, but elevating the effects of the first trailer for Out of the Furnace further is the slew of quality performances housed within an enthrallingly gritty world. Come November 27, Cooper could deliver a complete package yet again.

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Interview: Epic’s Colin Farrell

Colin-Farrell-EpicAfter all these years, it’s surprising Colin Farrell has yet to lend his voice to an animated character, but turns out, waiting served him well because his character, Ronan, is featured in the “achingly beautiful” world that drew Farrell to Epic to begin with. Ronan is the leader of the Leaf Men and when Mandrake (voiced by Christoph Waltz) and the Boggans threaten to destroy the forest, he joins forces with the formerly human-sized Mary Katherine (voice by Amanda Seyfried), a renegade young Leaf Man, Nod (voiced by Josh Hutcherson), and a slug and a snail, Mub and Grub (voiced by Aziz Ansari and Chris O’Dowd), to ensure a very special little pod stays safe, giving them a chance to keep the terrain lush with greenery and life.

While in New York City celebrating Epic’s May 24th release, Farrell sat down to talk about how directorChris Wedge and his team of animators first reeled him in, the challenge of working in a sound booth for the first time, Ronan’s backstory, and about how he felt seeing his voice coming out of a completely different body. And before wrapping up, Farrell also spoke a bit about Saving Mr. Banks and Winter’s TaleCatch it all in the video interview after the jump.

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