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SPOILER Interview: Europa Report Director Sebastián Cordero (Part 2)

Europa_ReportWARNING: This portion of the interview is ALL spoilers. Do not continue on if you have not seen “Europa Report!”

Now that you’ve gotten loads of development and production details from part one of our interview with director Sebastián Cordero and have seen his film, “Europa Report,” it’s time to unveil the portion of our chat during which Cordero delves into the nitty gritty of putting together that big, bold ending.

No use in offering up a synopsis of the film here because if you’ve made it this far, you better have seen it, so without further ado, check out what Cordero had to say about committing to the chosen conclusion, the anatomy of the you-know-what, the likelihood of such a discovery and more in the video below.

This is your final warning – watch “Europa Report” before watching this interview!

Click here to watch the interview.

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Review: Europa Report

Europa_Report_Poster“Europa Report” is a highly effective documentary-style piece that puts you in the heart of a deep space mission, letting you feel the thrill and then, ultimately, the utter terror.

The film focuses on Europa Ventures’ privately funded mission to the Jupiter moon. The company recruits a team of six astronauts and tasks them with documenting the existence of single-celled life beneath Europa’s icy surface. All goes well during the lengthy deep space trek, but upon their arrival, a string of severe calamities puts the crew’s discoveries and lives in jeopardy.

“Europa Report” is POV filmmaking at its best. The tale is told from the found footage perspective, with recordings from the mission intercut with post-mission reactions from the folks in charge back on Earth. Not only is the format successful in delivering a meaty, suspenseful narrative, but it’s also one that keeps you guessing. While Cordero does deliver a very clear-cut presentation of the intricate details of the mission, he also doesn’t spoon feed information and emotion leaving part of the experience up to you. The film naturally makes you wonder, what might you do in such a situation – would you risk your life for the discovery? And that question doesn’t just apply at the onset of the mission. Later on, when things get dangerous, it hits you again, but within an entirely different context.

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Interview: Europa Report Director Sebastián Cordero (Part 1)

Sebastian_CorderoSebastián Cordero made a movie about a team of astronauts searching for life on Jupiter’s moon Europa on a limited budget. He was bound to have stories to tell and, sure enough, ShockYa.com wound up sitting down with the director for a full 30 minutes to discuss everything from the early stages of the process to building his sets, editing footage from eight different cameras, the film’s astonishing ending, and more.

In an effort to tempt you to see the film, but not spoil the prime element that makes it a truly unforgettable adventure, we’re splitting up the interview into two sections. Part two will feature Cordero discussing the film’s grand finale and will go live on ShockYa on Sunday evening, after you’ve had a chance to experience the epic conclusion for yourself.

But for now, we bring you part one in which Cordero offers a spoiler-free sense of what it took to bring the Europa Ventures mission to life by touching on the following topics …

Click here to read more and watch the interview.

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