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10 Differences Between the ‘Carrie’ Remake & Original 1976 Movie

Carrie-Differences-Remake-OriginalCarrie may have taken her telekinetic wrath from the 1970s to modern day, but beyond that, Kimberly Peirce’s Carrie falls right in line with the Brian De Palma original. However, even though the films hit all the same beats, share character names, and even some dialogue, the 2013 version isn’t a total copy and paste job. The structure stays the same, but by using a little modernization, additional character details and new scenes here and there, Peirce essentially recreates the same experience while trying to make it her own (read our Carrie remake review).

Whether or not that remake technique works for you, if you’re a fan of the original, it certainly makes pinpointing those differences an entertaining game. Check out all the changes we caught in the new Carrie and let us know which ones you spotted, too.

It goes without saying that the following post contains SPOILERS for Carrie and the 2013 Carrie remake.

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Tribeca Review: Deadfall

Antiheros can be a blast to watch on screen; there’s just enough heart to them to get you on their side, but at the same time, they’re deplorably ruthless. So is the case with Eric Bana’s Addison in Deadfall and on top of having him whip your perception around incessantly, there are a number of other lives at stake, making the situation wildly unpredictable and unnerving.

Bana and Olivia Wilde are Addison and Liza, a brother and sister that just wrapped a successful casino robbery. While trying to make their escape to Canada, their getaway car crashes, leaving their driver dead and Addison and Liza no choice, but to evade the police by foot.

They split up, Addison heading into the woods and Liza taking the road. Lucky for Liza, as a blizzard sets in, she comes across Jay (Charlie Hunnam), an ex-con heading home for Thanksgiving, and hitches a ride to a nearby hotel and bar to wait out the storm. Unfortunately for Addison, he’s stuck in the woods and the local police are hot on his trail.

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Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek Get Low

Who doesn’t love attending events held in their honor? It all starts with baby namings, Brisses or Christenings and then it’s onto birthday parties, graduations and weddings, so why isn’t it the same for funerals? Of course the tradition is to hold the funeral after the individual has passed, but what happens if that person wants to come full circle and be part of their exit ceremony just as they were when they entered this world and during all the milestones they hit as they trudged through it?

Well, that’s exactly what Felix Bush (Robert Duvall) of Get Low is thinking, but sadly it’s not in a very celebratory manner. Bush is the town hermit, his rickety old cabin in the woods a prime target for stone-throwing kids looking for a quick thrill. There are heaps of rumors floating around about Bush that he’s committed every offense possible from killing another man to dealing with the devil. Bush may have a dark past, but that picture isn’t nearly as gloomy as the town has painted it.

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