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Review: The East

The-East-PosterThoughtful and slick, “The East” functions both as a highly engaging and riveting thriller, and also something that’s deeply conflicting, forcing you to juggle all angles of the scenario while the film is rolling and long after, too.

Sarah Moss (Brit Marling) left the FBI and is now a new recruit at Hiller Brood, a private intelligence firm dedicated to protecting some of the biggest corporations in the country. Sarah is hand selected by her boss, Sharon (Patricia Clarkson), to infiltrate an anarchist group known as The East in an effort to stop them from sabotaging the Hiller Brood clientele. At first, Sarah is determined to do the best she can to impress Sharon and jumpstart a successful new career, but after infiltrating The East and spending a significant amount of time with its members, she can’t help but to recognize that stopping them outright might not be the answer.

Like its promotional campaign, “The East” reels you in right from the start via a viral message from the group. In mere minutes the film manages to both relay The East’s motives and goals, and captivate the viewer, making for the ideal transition into the meat of the story.

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The Best – and Worst – Movie Promos of the Week

The_East_PosterThis new clip from Movie 43 featuring an entire segment from the star-studded comedy anthology suffers from having been overplayed in the film’s trailers and, overall, just isn’t that funny, but it also likely won’t stop the curious from catching the full movie. Movie 43 slips into theaters with one less Worst Stuff title to its name, but of course that means three other candidates get the opportunity to earn some promotional dishonor.

The Best Stuff

1. The East Trailer: A very smart play for the Sundance Film Festival entry The East. Rather than use its first trailer to convey the central narrative – Sarah Moss’ (Brit Marling) task of infiltrating a group of rebels on behalf of her corporate clientele – it takes a more viral approach, treating the viewer as though he or she is already part of that world and as though this truly disturbing message from the East is just for you.

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